Feb 112010

Steam Leak has just been released!

This handy calculator allows a person to approximate the cost of a leak and the potential money that could be saved by repairing the leak in a set number of days. All you have to do is enter the steam pressure ( valid for 0.5 to 250 psig or 0.034 barg to 17 barg), the orifice/leak size (valid up to 1 inch or 25.4 mm) and the cost of your steam. Also, note that this calculation does not include the cost of the condensate that is lost which is an additional savings for getting the leak repaired.

This application allows you to perform the following calculations in both USCS and metric units:

1. The steam loss rate from a leak in a steam pipe (lb/h and kg/h) and the cost of the leak per hour

2. The total steam loss (klb = 1,000 lb and kkg = 1,000 kg) and the cost of the leak over a duration of days selected, up to 999 days.

Jan 252010

Over the weekend a Sasquatch was spotted by an anonymous source with what appeared to be Apple’s rumored tablet device. Our source tells us he was on a hike and heard a roar of “Me hate 3G” coming from not far way. Appearing about 20 yards away was a Sasquatch with what looked like Apple’s new tablet device in his had.

Upon his discovery, Sasquatch immediately tried to hide the device behind his back and could be heard muttering “Uh oh Steve not gonna be happy about this”. The Sasquatch then approached our source and said “Gimme picture you took of iSlate”. Notice he he called the device an “iSlate”, this confirms the many rumors we have heard so far that the Apple tablet will be called the iSlate.

The anonymous source than ran to his car and got away unscathed with his camera. Of course we cannot totally confirm that our source’s story is true or the picture is genuine.